The Voice of the Lord in the Storm

Setting of Psalm 29 for SATB Choir, 4 Trumpets and organ. The four trumpets represent the shofar.
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The Voice of the Lord in the Storm

SATB chorus/organ/four C trumpets

Text: Psalm 29

Premiered: April, 1992, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester New York, Robert Shewan, conductor

 Duration 5 minutes

The work opens with a stately declamation from the first trumpet off-stage. With the words “Ascribe to the Lord…” the various sections of the choir majestically enter one by one, while the remaining trumpets join to weave an elaborate arabesque over and around the choral recitative. The trumpets’ primeval sounds project the ancient yet eternal nature of the text.

            The fortissimo entrance of the organ announces the beginning of the storm with the fast middle section. The trumpets, organ and chorus build throughout the storm sequence using dissonance and special effects. This fast middle section ends with the emotional high-point of the work, an extended crescendo on the words “…and in His temple all cry…”leading to the climax on the word “Glory.”

The work concludes with an unaccompanied hymn-like benediction, “May the Lord Bless His people with peace.” Distant trumpets and organ pedal-point outline the serene final cadence on “peace.”

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