Mother Goose Gems

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Price: $3.00 per copy

SATB chorus/piano

Duration: 7 minutes

Text: Anonymous

Premiere: October, 2009, The Robert Shewan Chorale, Rochester, New York, Robert Shewan, conductor

I. Hey Diddle Diddle (:45)

II. Star Wish (1:25)

III. Old King Cole (1:25)

IV. Georgie Porgie (1:00)

V. Sleep Baby Sleep (1:30)

VI. Diddle Diddle Dumpling (1:00)

This piece is dedicated to the memory of my mom, Nancy Shewan. As with the Children’s Songs that I dedicated to her twenty years earlier, I went to the big-blue book of children’s poetry that my mom read to her three children for my inspiration. The result is six short character pieces.

The outside movements, Hey Diddle Diddle and Diddle Diddle Dumpling have elements of blue grass sounding somewhat like a hoedown.

Star Wish is a slow-dreamy light star bright first star I see tonight….

Old King Cole features the men’s chorus in a silly waltz that makes you wonder what the king put in that pipe of his!...he called for his pipe and he called for his fiddlers three…the piano plays the fiddle part in this quirky setting.

This is followed by a wild rendition of Georgie Porgie; a mix of Jerry Lee Lewis and contemporary classical sounds.

Sleep Baby Sleep features the women’s chorus in a tender lullaby…Sleep Baby Sleep, the little lamb is on the green, with woolly fleece so soft and clean.