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SATB chorus, piano, French horn, Percussion (3 players): bells, chimes, crotales, marimba, xylophone, 3 sups. Cymbals, single tom

Duration: 5 minutes 10 seconds

Text: Isaiah 60

Premiere: March, 2002, Roberts Wesleyan College, North Chili, New York, Robert Shewan, conductor

In this piece, I experimented with the text from Isaiah 60 attempting to create an ethereal atmosphere. The intent was to create a sense of timelessness. As a result, the rhythmic drive that propels many of my works is absent. The many points of light are depicted by the mallet ensemble. The French horn, standing in for the traditional Old Testament shofar, or ram’s horn, is used to call the people to “arise.” The sustained slow choral parts represent the timelessness of eternity. The piece climaxes with the mallets “beaming” light from all directions and the choir responding emotionally at full volume to the fortissimo of the horn. After the climax, the choir softly intones the poignant passage “and your days of sorrow will be ended.” The horn, now muted, joins the chorus on the final chord.

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