Music Has Healing Powers

Have you ever heard the saying “Music sooths the savage beast”? Besides being scientifically proven, you can see it in your own life.

Think of the times you’ve heard a song and it takes you back to another time, it brings up happy or sad memories. It may energize you – sometimes you just can’t sit still or it make you feel ever so languid. The music touches you in the most basic ways, the ways in which humanity has been touched by music throughout the ages. First it may have been simple drums getting warriors ready for battle or it may have been for spiritual purposes.

Today our reasons for listening may be very different but music still can affect us profoundly. When we hear it, our brains respond by giving us a shot of endorphins and serotonin. These same chemicals flood the body when we have sex or eat chocolate.

Stress and anxiety are major disabilities for the modern person, with far too many deadlines, expectations and pressures at work and school, pressures over relationships and technology eroding our down time. No wonder we have the impacts on our health – depression, heart disease, gastro-intestinal issues, obesity, asthma, etc., etc. Did you know that according to a recent scientific paper from Harvard, the stress from our jobs alone is responsible for more deaths than Alzheimer’s, diabetes and influenza.

Music can give your body and mind the rest and relaxation sorely needed. It’s also an easy way to energize the brain and body while reducing the pressure. A study conducted by the Istanbul University Medical Facility on members of a choir, showed that on their music days their cortisol levels went down by 33% as opposed to cortisol levels going up by 21% on their non-music days. Some of the participates even said that the effects of the music stayed with them for several days afterwards.

Whatever your taste in music – rock, country, film soundtracks, classical or even Christmas carols – take advantage of this easy, cheap and readily available way of reducing your stress levels.

Listen to more music!

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